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Clearblue Oral-B

Mailing Clearblue - mailing to pharmacists regarding pregnancy test.Mailing Oral-B - mailing to pharmacists promoting electric...

Actigroup Video Presentation


Actigroup protects animals with GAIA!

GAIA has entrusted Actigroup with the creation and design of their mailings.The campaign to end the abuse of horses has been a success. The campaign for the neutering of cats has been launched in...

The personalised postcard

A postcard can be a powerful means of communication, as long as it’s properly addressed and personalised. Today’s techniques allow us to personalise anything, the visuals and the text, front and...

Combining email and paper mailing: a communication asset?

At a time when some only swear by the internet and email, others will make the most of the emergence of one to complete the assets of the other. That's what we do. Even if the web plays a major...

Direct Marketing and Inbound Marketing: a perfect match?

Direct marketing is a combination of several communication tools seeking to communicate in an individual, personalised manner with the aim to trigger a response from an addressee in a fairly short...

Gillette Homecare Pampers

Mailing Gillette - men’s toiletries action with discount vouchers.Mailing HomeCare - cleaning products spring action with discount vouchers.Mailing Pampers T-shirt - personalized T-shirt...


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