At a time when some only swear by the internet and email, others will make the most of the emergence of one to complete the assets of the other. That’s what we do. graphique flèche vers le haut hausse

Even if the web plays a major role in communication strategies, disregarding postal mailing could significantly affect your relation with your prospects and/or clients.

Indeed, to combine postal mailing with a follow-up email or vice versa is one of the best strategies to adopt. They’re both complementary and ensure that you gain the loyalty of your clients via paper mailing on the one hand, and have swiftness of information flow through email on the other. In addition to being complementary, both direct marketing tools will contribute to increase your ROI. Combining email with postal mailing should increase your return on investment by 10 to 25%. Although email reaches a wide target audience, it is 5 times less cost effective than paper mailing.

So what should you do? Choose the right combination for the target you have in mind!

When combining these two means of communication you will face two choices:

–       Either you choose paper mailing first so as to secure the loyalty of your clients, and then you strengthen your campaign by sending an email as a reminder of the offer or promotion,

–       Or you choose to send out an email first, thus identifying those who’ve shown a keen interest and you contact them again through paper mailing.

The winning mix will depend on your objectives and on the kind of relation you seek with your clients/prospects.

However, a number of details need to be properly coordinated if you want your campaign to be effective. It is important that the colour codes are the same both in the email and the paper mailing as this will enable the addressee to make the connection between both communication tools. Furthermore, by combining offline and online methods, you will be able to link the mailing with a mini information and/or registration website!


There’s no doubt

Opting for multi-channel prospecting is beneficial. Indeed, a prospect does not become a client in just one step. Each message received brings him closer to your objective, i.e. the conversion of a prospect into a client. By combining both methods, it will be easier for you to achieve your goal!