Same Objective, Target ArrowDirect marketing is a combination of several communication tools seeking to communicate in an individual, personalised manner with the aim to trigger a response from an addressee in a fairly short time. Thanks to direct marketing techniques, marketers are able to measure the impact of their actions.

Direct marketing, also called Outbound Marketing or traditional marketing, is a “push” communication strategy. The main objective is to send the right message to the right person at the right time, using various (but unidirectional) communication tools. Inbound marketing on the other hand is a “pull” marketing strategy, i.e. it favours a more authentic and human approach towards the consumer. Thanks to the creation of value-added contents, inbound marketing encourages internet users to enter into a dialogue with the brand. Exchange is one of the key words of Inbound Marketing.

So what if we combined them?

Thanks to the creation of free downloadable white papers, marketers will collect information on prospects. This technique is called “Give to get”.

By combining both methods you will be able to collect personal data such as email, phone, postal address, etc. allowing you to better target your message.

Even though some seem to think that the days of outbound marketing techniques are over, others combine these with inbound marketing so as to increase the effectiveness of their communication campaigns. And that’s exactly what we’re offering you!